Our Community

Batian is an active member of the local community because we are committed to doing everything we can to improve the circumstances of the people who live in our region. This includes donating our time and money to the local hospital named Nanyuki Cottage Hospital, as well as to area schools.

We are also supporting a few of the orphaned children in our community by paying various school fees and donating to the St. Steven’s Children’s Home. Water associations and security welfare are two more ways we are a voice for change in our region.

Batian is Fairtrade certified from March 2015, to follow the efforts of Batian
Fairtrade Premium Committee take a look at  http://www.fairtradeafrica.net/producers-products/producer-profile/?prod=818


How else do we work with the people around us? Visit the links below to find out!




- www.rhinocharge.co.ke

- www.nema.go.ke



We actively support our local suppliers!