playing hockey for the Kadish Foundation

Every year chooses hockey club Green-yellow Wassenaar (The Netherlands) a charity to donate the proceeds of their summer evening competition. This annual event spans seven consecutive Friday nights. This year the Kadish foundation is the lucky one.

The Kadish Foundation was founded in April 2012 by Gijs Hardeman after he had been working in Zambia for half a year. The idea came after working with hockey coaches from the poorer neighborhoods of Lusaka. Kadish means ‘bowl’ or ‘little bowl’ in the tribal language Nyanja. It’s an expression that is now used to clarify the defensive bowl shaped position on the hockey field. The name also represents a safety net for coaches. They are able to provide in their primary needs in life because of sports. We hope to be active in ten countries in ten years. In a lot of African countries hockey is a small sport in which only volunteers are active who don’t have access to good materials. The sport is too small to be interesting for sponsors. Kadish supports hockey coaches, who often come from poor neighborhoods, to become hockey professionals. We support them by offering them a job and education and assist them in a healthy and durable sport environment. - See more at:

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