Our Management Team 

Batian Flowers boasts a management team that is a unique blend of professionals. Each individual brings unusual and diverse talent enabling Batian Flowers to continue raising the bar of quality and professionalism in the flower industry.


René Mulder

Meet Our Director

Drawing on his more than 20 years experience in growing roses no one understands high quality roses like René. His love of roses began at an early age at his father’s farm in Holland since then he has followed his father’s footsteps in growing quality roses.

René’s strategic thinking has helped keep Batian Flowers as the home to the world’s finest large headed roses; it’s no wonder that our clients and breeders are regularly picking Rene’s brain about their own businesses.

Under his leadership, Batian Flowers has dramatically scaled its infrastructure and diversified its products to always meet the customers changing needs.


Dirk Looy

General Manager

While in Holland more than 18 years ago, Rene met Dirk Looy, and over the years they have worked together and developed Batian Flowers to what it is today.

Despite juggling the demands of being a General Manager, Dirk is a hand-on manager and gets involved in all aspects of Batian Flowers.

“Keeping things simple” is his mantra for keeping Batian Flowers at its peak performance. With his more than 18 years in the flower industry Dirk has invaluable experience and the leadership skills that will help keep Batian Flowers at its best. 


John Njenga 

Human Resourch Manager

After over 8 years of experience in a Multinational Horticulture Company, John joined us in July 2013. At 32, he is energetic, creative and well acquainted in the HR and Training profession. He believes that the success of any organization strongly depends on the ability to have, develop and retain the right caliber of people; with the right attitude, knowledge, skills and experience, handling each and every aspect of the organization, however small the position is. He believes that every person in Batian is as important and valuable as everybody. He is currently finalizing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) course – Strategic Management option.

Lawrence Wamweya

Chief Accountant

Lawrence holds a BBA Accounting option  and is a Kenyan accredited Certified Public Accountant (CPA K). He joined Batian Flowers in December 2006. At Batian his duties include cash flow management and planning, overseeing budgets, accounting, among other administrative responsibilities. Lawrence seeks to promote the Batian culture of strict adherence to all laws that govern business operations, in particular those to do with taxes. Lawrence has got very strong organization, analytical, administrative and management skills.